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HTML Tutorials

RJUniverse tutorials will assist you find out how to create a website, as well as a way to write markup language and style static and dynamic websites and web applications. Start with understanding basic terminology and workout to do mastering web development with RJUniverse complete web design coaching.

  • With Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) you’ll produce your personal or professional website.
  • This tutorial teaches you everything regarding hypertext mark-up language.
  • HTML is very simple to learn and implement.
  • Must you will get benefit from it.

HTML coding example

Example programme title: “Say Hello to RJUniverse!”.

Raw Source code:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<title>RJUniverse – HTML Tutorial</title>

<p>”Say Hello to RJUniverse!”.</p>


HTML programme in code editor

say hello to rjuniverse html programme in code editor

HTML programme in web browser

say hello to rjuniverse html programme in web browser

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